Sunday, January 08, 2006

Put Two in the Plus Column

I had a good day today. We received a distress beacon alert 1400 nautical miles south east of Bermuda. It was for the Atlantic Challenge, a 7 meter rowboat taking part in a race across the Atlantic. The boat had two Irishmen on board. We diverted an AMVER vessel to assist. She was 50 nautical miles away. That far out, 50 NM is a mere stone's throw. As the vessel approached the area they saw a flare. When they got on scene, both men were found alive in their liferaft. Instead of rowing to Antigua, they're getting a ride to Spain. Case Closed.
You can read about the case
here, here, here, and here.
I'll post more about it later. Before I go to bed though, I have to ask, why would you row across the Atlantic?
UPDATE: The last article by the Irish Times is here..
There is one error in the story, we didn't have a boat on standby in Clearwater. We launched a second C-130 from there to assist.

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Laurie said...

For the margarita's? The beaches? Ireland has to be pretty dismal in the winter, I'd probably want to go to the Caribbean too, but I think I'd get on a plane instead.