Friday, September 26, 2008

What Caused the Economic Mess.

Here's a video on Youtube that examines the cause of our current economic situation all the way back to the Community Reinvestment Act.

It is 10 minutes long and I apologize for that but it is worth a look.

UPDATE: Well, the video was blocked. The new link is here;

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Palin Effect

The Weekly Standard has a good article titled, "The Palin Effect." The author, Noemie Emery, dissects the effect Sarah Palin has had on the media and Democrats. Here's the money quote:
Somehow, every element of her life--the dual offense of being a beauty-queen and hunter; the Down syndrome baby who wasn't aborted; the teenage daughter about to get married, whose baby also wasn't aborted; the non-metrosexual husband working the nightshift; the very fact of five children--touched a nerve on the liberal template, and sent the whole beast into convulsions, opening an intriguing and somewhat frightening window onto the turbulent id of the left.

Emery also looks at how Palin's entrance has changed the game for Hillary.
"That sound you hear--along with a small snort from Hillary--is the weight of power in the Democratic scale sliding back to the side of the Clintons. After [Obama} made a point of stressing how little she matters, he now seems to need her more than ever. And she, of course, does not need him.

It's a very interesting read.