Thursday, August 20, 2009

M/V Arctic Sea "Disinformation"

Modern Day Piracy is complaining that the press wasn't told that the Maltese and Russians knew where the M/V ARCTIC SEA was located.

It sounds like the only information that was kept from the press was the location of the vessel. I think that was an entirely reasonable thing to do.

Let's put this in another way. Suppose a bus had been hijacked and was taken somewhere. The press gets the word and conjectures about it "disappearing." Meanwhile, the police are using a tracking beacon on the bus that the hijackers don't know exists. Is it wrong for the police to keep the press in the dark about the location of the bus until the situation is resolved?

If it was revealed that the concerned parties knew exactly where the ARCTIC SEA was, would the hijackers have removed the crew? If so, we'd probably still be looking for them. At the least, they would have tried to locate the beacon and secured it.

This wasn't a disinformation campaign against the press. It sounds like the press is upset that someone was able to keep a secret this time.

Hat Tip: Eagle Speak