Friday, October 21, 2005

Wireless Phone Discounts

This was in my recent Reserve Officers Association (ROA) newsletter.

Cell Phone Discounts for Military/Federal Employees
A member recently sent us this note (edited for length and style):

Did you know that military and federal employees can receive discounts on their cell phone service, according to the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996? Well, it's true.

Federal employees and military personnel are entitled to a discount on their cell phone service according to the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996. You have to call and ask for the discount by calling the following cell phone companies and referring to the Act, and they will implement on the spot:

1. CINGULAR - 19% Discount - (800) 319-6393
2. T MOBILE - 22% Discount - (866) 646-4688
You will need to request a migration form by e-mail.
3. SPRINT - 15% Discount - (888) 788-4727
This will transfer your account into a corporate account.
4. NEXTEL - 18% Discount - (800) 639-6111
5. VERIZON - 17% - (866) 456-7892

You will be asked to fill out a form and to fax it back. Just think, the more you save on your cell phone bill, the more gas you can buy!

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