Saturday, October 29, 2005

Kilgore and Bush

Many seem to feel that Jerry Kilgore made a mistake by not being with President Bush yesterday in Norfolk. I disagree. This event was a policy speech and a foreign policy one to boot. Also, the vast majority of the audience was active-duty military most of whom are not Virginia voters. Why would Kilgore want to spend half of a valuable day this close to the election in front of a crowd discussing issues that don't affect the governor's office and who couldn't vote for him anyway?

It's been suggested that he passed up the opportunity to have access to all of the Hampton Roads media outlets. Well, the coverage that I saw on the news that night and in the Daily Press today gave more coverage to the protestors than to the President or his remarks.

If this speech had been about funding for port security in Hampton Roads then Kilgore should have attended but it wasn't. Kilgore made the right call.

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