Friday, September 30, 2005

NRA Endorses a Democrat

Creigh Deeds, the Democrat candidate for attorney general, has been endorsed by the NRA. After my initial surprise, I realized that it's not that surprising. Deeds is from the moutains of Virginia and McDonnell is from Virginia Beach. Want to guess which area has more hunters?

Larry Sabato has another take on the endorsement;
They want to endorse some Democrats because you never can tell when the minority party is going to take over Congress or the state legislature or the governorship," Sabato said. "They want to have a voice like any other interest group.

I'm always amused how the ads for attorney general always feature cops and talk about locking bad guys up. The office doesn't prosecute anyone. The AG is basically the Commonwealth's lawyer. He's nowhere near as harmless as the Lieutenant Governor though. That's why the AG traditionally resigns from office to run for Governor and the LT Governor does not.

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