Thursday, September 22, 2005

Don't Get Stuck on Stupid

Once again, General Honore is a breath of fresh air. He was at a press conference trying to get the press to relay important evacuation information to the public. The press wanted to bring up the failures of the evacuation effort last time. He kept telling them not to get "stuck on stupid." Radio Blogger has the transcript and the mp3.

Here's the gist of the press conference:

Honore: Don't get stuck on stupid, reporters. We are moving forward. And don't confuse the people please. You are part of the public message. So help us get the message straight. And if you don't understand, maybe you'll confuse it to the people

Male reporter: General, a little bit more about why that's happening this time, though, and did not have that last time...

Honore: You are stuck on stupid. I'm not going to answer that question. We are going to deal with Rita

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Dan Kauffman said...

Don't Get Stuck On Stupid
I have to say this is a refreshing change, “You are stuck on stupid, I’m not going to answer that question”

Mind you this is not the ONLY time the Press has gotten chewed out by this man

I have a link to an earlier vidio where he called the press coverage BS