Sunday, November 21, 2004


I bagged my first Canada Goose yesterday. I was thinking about deep frying it since I'll be cooking a turkey that way on Thursday. A coworker suggested that geese are too fatty/greasy for that. Other friends think it sounds good but haven't done it either. Has anyone else tried this?


John said...

OK, I chickened out and didn't fry the goose. I roasted it instead and it was good!

Murt said...

My hubby and I were thinking about doing the same thing. That's how I came across your blog here by searching on the net! We will probably chicken out too. I will be checking back to see if there are any other comments! Please post if you do this and let us know how it turns out!

Murt said...

Talked to someone today who has done it. Said it turned out ok BUT the closer you got to the ribcage the greasier it got. He agreed the best thing to do with a goose is pan roasting it.