Friday, July 09, 2004

Police Chiefs Thumb Nose At Illegal-Immigration Laws

Jennifer Nelson has an interesting article on illegal immigrants in of all papers, The San Francisco Chronicle. She is astounded that police chiefs in California are holding press conferences to assure illegal immigrants in their jurisdictions that they are NOT cooperating with federal authorities. Of course the statements are being mad in both English and Spanish so those who are here illegaly and unwilling to learn English will know that the local cops won't enforce the law.

At one point though, Nelson tries to have it both ways when she says;
It's not that I believe all people who come here illegally are criminals. Many are not, though we've got a good number of them sitting in our jails and prisons. But the folks who come here illegally are not stupid. They know they broke a law to get here, and they know they are staying here illegally.

In my definition of criminal, all illegal aliens are criminals because they broke the law to get here.

Of course, whenever one talks about illegal aliens, the left will often call them a racist. They say that we don't want anyone immigrating into the country. What bunk! This is a nation of laws. We can't say that one group has to follow the law and another doesn't. That would be racist and unfair. If you want to immigrate to the country there is a process to do so. I'm sorry if it takes time to complete but if you want become an American badly enough, isn't it worth the wait? I would think so.

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