Friday, June 18, 2004

New rites for Vt. civil unions

The Episcopal Diocese of Vermont has decided to approve a liturgy for civil unions. This is depsite the request of the Archbishop of Canterbury to hold off on such things until the bishops meet in England later on this fall.

Of course the vast majority of the bishops in the Anglican Communion are opposed to what the Episcopal Church is doing. Has anyone else noticed that when a few countries oppose our actions in Iraq, the liberals are up in arms about us "alienating" the enitre world but when quite a substantial number of dioceses around the world oppose the election of a homosexual bishop, there's no mention of "world opinion."

The Bishop of Vermont Thomas Ely is quoted as saying, ''The commitment we are asking of persons who are entering into holy unions is of the same nature as the commitment we are asking of couples who are entering holy matrimony." He is actually calling these Holy Unions! What an affront to the explicit teachings of the Bible.

It seems to be a movement in the United States that people are no longer responsible for their actions. The line of thought goes that if you say someone is wrong, then you are making a judgement. That isn't right since it is intolerant. Therefore, there can be no sin since that is saying that someone is wrong.

There is good and evil in this world and we better start realizing it soon.

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