Monday, June 28, 2004

Moonbat Convention

The Moonbats, I mean, the Green Party held their convention the other day. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel covered the proceedings.
"The daylong proceedings Saturday comprised many of the theatrics not seen in mainstream political parties, including outright denunciations of the United States, literature praising Communist dictator Fidel Castro and even a ballot cast for the late Socialist Eugene Debs.

The convention hall stage didn't even have an actual American flag.
Instead, in the usual place of honor for Old Glory, was displayed a flag with the picture of the Earth. On the other side was an altered American flag with a peace sign where the stars would be."

They also told Nader to pack sand and nominated David Cobb to be their presidential candidate. Look for tin foil hats with "Cobb for President" at your local "tobacco accessories" store soon.

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