Tuesday, June 24, 2008

USCG to Establish Law Enforcement Rating

When I enlisted in 1991, there was a rumor that the Coast Guard would establish a Law Enforcement Rating for the enlisted. Every year the rumor would resurface. The Port Security Specialist (PS), a reserve only rating, would get all excited by the prospects for them. Eventually, everyone would be disappointed until the rumor started up again.

Well, now the rumor can be put to rest for it is now fact.
The law enforcement and security rating, approved by Allen June 6, integrates the port security specialist rating, which is filled by reservists only, with an active-duty counterpart. Fully establishing the new rating is expected to take 24 months.

This is good news for those in the PS rate. I would predict that there is going to be a slew of EAD opportunities for PS's who will provide the framework of the new rating. I wonder if the current PS Rating Force Master Chief, PSCM Sam Allred (a previous shipmate of mine) will be made the first Master Chief of the new rating.

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