Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Looking for Strawberries

I've been following the goings on between the Sea Shepherds and the Japanese whaling fleet. The latest news from the activists is;
Mr Watson said two crew from his protest ship Steve Irwin covertly planted tracking devices on the harpoon ship Yushin Maru No.2 when they boarded it mid-ocean on January 15, sparking a three-day standoff as they were held on board.

I'm incredulous that they have actually planted a homing device on the ship for the following reasons;
1. How is it powered? Sure, you could have a battery powered transmitter but it wouldn't last very long. To provide enough juice to make it last long enough to be worthwhile, you would need something the size of a car battery. The problem they pose is that they are heavy and too large to conceal on your body.

2. Where is it's antenna? Ships are made of metal and metal is notorious for blocking transmissions. So unless the crew of the whaler allowed the protesters go aloft to install one, the device would have to rely on an internal antenna.

The main reason that I don't believe the Sea Shepherds is;

3. They talked about it! They broke a major rule in intelligence; don't reveal your sources and methods. If this thing was so effective in leading them to the fleet, why on Earth would they tell anyone about it?

My feeling is that the whole thing was a ruse to jerk the whalers' chain in the hopes of making them tear the ship apart looking for a non-existent tracking device.

An extra pat on the back to anyone who can cite the reasoning behind the title of this post.

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