Monday, December 17, 2007

Classy Move

I would like to write about the Redskins going to the Meadowlands and hanging a W on the New York Football Giants but I won't.

Since the Redskins game was at 8:00 last night, I was able to watch the Cowboys game and root for whoever was playing them. In this case, the Philadelphia Eagles. A good time was had in the Brown Hound household as the Eagles embarrassed Tony Romo in front of his girlfriend, Jessica Simpson.

Really, the game was unremarkable until the final two minutes when Brian Westbrook did something that I've never seen before. The Eagles were up by four when Westbrook broke away with the ball and took off for the endzone. There was no one to stop him. He stopped on the one yard line and I thought that he was going to strut it in for a TD. Instead, he took a knee! He realized that there was too much time on the clock to give Dallas the ball back. So for the good of the team, he let his personal stats take a hit. That's teamwork!

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