Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saluting out of Uniform

I got this email yesterday;

FYI for all of you, this bill was actually written by our former MCPOCG Vince Patton. He is the reason we have this privilege now. (Actually, it hasn't passed the House yet. So, stand by.)
WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) today praised the passage by unanimous consent of his bill (S.1877) clarifying U.S. law to allow veterans and servicemen not in uniform to salute the flag. Current law (US Code Title 4, Chapter 1) states that veterans and servicemen not in uniform should place their hand over their heart without clarifying whether they can or should salute the flag.
"The salute is a form of honor and respect, representing pride in one's military service," Senator Inhofe said. "Veterans and service members continue representing the military services even when not in uniform. Unfortunately, current U.S. law leaves confusion as to whether veterans and service members out of uniform can or should salute the flag. My legislation will clarify this regulation, allowing veterans and servicemen alike to salute the flag, whether they are in uniform or not. I look forward to seeing those who have served saluting proudly at baseball games, parades, and formal events. I believe this is an appropriate way to honor and recognize the 25 million veterans in the United States who have served in the military and remain as role models to others citizens. Those who are currently serving or have served in the military have earned this right, and their recognition will be an inspiration to others."
This Bill was passed July 25, 2007.

It'll be interesting to see if military members will do this when the national anthem is being sung at sporting events.


Anonymous said...

I am a retired as of 04/2002 and have Red, White and Blue in my veins however, it is a required gesture when in uniform and should NOT be civilianized. This is a long standing military tradition and protocol and should never be comprimised or construed as anything else. Dale Croy, USCG retired.

Anonymous said...

The earlier provision authorizing hand-salutes for veterans and out-of-uniform military personnel during the raising, lowering or passing of the flag, was contained in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2008, which took effect Jan. 28, 2008

The latest issue of the United States Flag Manual contains this change. See