Thursday, March 02, 2006

Richmond Follies

I miss the Richmond Times-Dispatch. For years, the antics of the elected officials in the City of Richmond made politics in Southside Virginia seem normal and, yes, refreshingly boring. The hunger strikes, shady business deals and junkets to Jamaica made for wonderfully entertaining reading. Things have quieted down there now that some jail sentences were handed down and the hoi polloi were allowed to elect their mayor. That took care of the City Council.

Now, enter the school board. A few months ago, the school board chairman was discovered to have submited his dating profile on a gay pr0n site. (Link to the newspaper article, not the site.) Now, that same member was found with marijuana while going through security at the Richmond Internation Airport. Don't worry, it was strictly for "medicinal purposes."

It might be time to see if I can get the Richmond paper delivered to Tidewater.

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