Saturday, February 19, 2005

Coasties being unfair?

Here's a good one. There is a ferry that runs between Catalina Island and Long Beach, California. As part of the post-911 security efforts, the Coast Guard occasionally puts officers on board to make sure no one tries to hi jack the ship. Well, some people aren't happy about it. Here's the best part;

Another woman, a CalState Fullerton student, said she was on her way to school when she was detained.

"I got on the boat ... and some Coast Guard (officers) asked me for my driver's license," she recalled.

The student -- afraid to show her face on camera -- said she was detained for nearly a month and then deported because she was here illegally.

Oh my goodness! She was an illegal alien and got caught. What on earth were those Coasties thinking?


Homefront Six said...

Gee, and what do you want to bet she was accepting financial aid, therefore denying someone in this country LEGALLY the opportunity to go to college.

Gotta love it...

Mr Bob said...

HA, that is great! Why do people think that because America is free they dont' have to abide by the law?


Mr. Bob USN