Monday, October 25, 2004

Presidential Coffee Cup Poll

We have all been inundated with poll after poll that pretty much all say the same thing. Seven Eleven is running a coffee poll. They have three types of cups at their coffee counter. One is plain and the other two say either Bush or Kerry. When you go pay, the clerk records your "vote." As of now, Bush leads 51% to 48%.

They also list the results broken down by state and metropolitan area. If you take the state results and put them on an electoral college map, you get Bush with 212 and Kerry with 191. Evidently, not every state in the US has a 7-Eleven (news to me).

Some of the results are obviously off. The results from DC are Bush 55%, Kerry 44%. That dog just doesn't hunt.

The results are interesting when you think about who gets coffee from 7-Eleven. Everybody does. It is a real cross section of society.

I regularly go to 7-Eleven for coffee and have gotten a Bush cup twice. Lately every store I've been to has been out of cups. The results are updated daily. Have fun.

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